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Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:10 am
Game Server Admin
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We could just lower the amount of bread it spawns. This really is just about the server not being able to take all the power. Especially in a map like Magazine, where bread can fill up the vents. I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to just lower the amount it does spawn. Koishi would be able to deal with that... or even Scooty since he's the one who made the hale.

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Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:22 am
Game Server Admin
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For those who might think none of us are listening to your feedback. That's incredibly untrue. It's great to hear ideas or even complaints about hales. If it seems like we've been ignoring you, as in some of the hales in here I believe haven't been touched at all. This isn't because we disregarded your voice in all this. But there are other hales that are in need of being touched on as well. I have actually edited over 36 hale configs for the server this past month. Nothing to brag about, editing the cfg. files are easy. Coding is another story.. a story I can't tell.. e-e. Anyways.. ideas on how to deal with any overpowered, underpowered abilities are welcome. Even ideas to just mess with the hale just for fun is welcome too. Like maybe the abilities batman uses don't really kick, so you want to come up with some new ones and get rid of any that'll.. idk.. spice him up? Some things I've actually considered (by that I mean Flares has helped me with this.. and by THAT I mean I did nothing but listen) is to get rid of his lives mechanic, his teleport and superjump. Replace it with a grapple hook and.. well there's a number of things I plan for batman.. hopefully you will all see once it's finished. So please, no one is ever disappointed to see complaints and it would never hurt our feelings. (If anything.. it kinda hurts that people AREN'T complaining.. but whatever Razz).. I think I put too much into this message... cheers.

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Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:39 pm
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Phlog needs to be removed. The mmhmm power is so fast to get to when the pyro has crits/minicrits and it is almost impossible to get them without raging them and even when you do that they can still use the power. The weapon is incredibly broken in this gamemode as it just rips through the hale, gives uber and resistance to knockback, and incredibly hard to kill. I was thinking maybe give it back its -10% damage before the tough break update.

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Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:24 pm
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*sigh* I've asked Shadow to remove Chuck's flamethrower rage and replace it with speed up several times, he said he has but he hasn't yet.

Also, please update Krieg again like i've said a few times, people are complaining about him having no sounds and different rage, I addressed this and asked Koishi to update the boss via my boss thread but he still hasn't.

So for those complaining about this issue I can just say this: wait plx

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