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Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:46 pm
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Whenever im on bbg's servers, i notice a large amount of players with similar complains, feedback, and suggestions about the maps, bosses, and red team. Since so many of these people seem to refuse to go onto these forums or even the group's discussions, i decided to collect up the most common complaints, feedback, and suggestions on and for maps, bosses, red team weapons, etc. Note, i am NOT taking my own personal opinion for this collection, even if I might agree with some or disagree. This is simply the most common ones i see from the active community members that aren't on the forums.

Solider: Rocket Launcher
Complaint: Outside of Uber, Direct hit, and somewhat the beggars, solider can't really do much directly with his rocket launcher.

Solider: Rocket Jumper

Feedback: Currently, the Rocket Jumper acts as it does normally ingame. People seem to either love or hate this change, the main argument for it being it makes solider more viable for doing damage, and the main argument against it being it allows soliders to jump all over the place for pretty much forever.

Feedback: Mixed opinions on the markets. Some people love the fact they act like backstabs, other people hate it, claiming that it is nearly impossible to actually defend yourself as hale against the large horde of rocket jumping soliders.

Solider: Liberty Launcher

Suggestion: Remove the damage pentally from the liberty launcher, and replace it with a clipsize pentally.

Heavy: Natasha

Feedback: There is mixed opinions on the natasha now being able to slow, and the damage resistance. Some people think it makes heavy way too strong on his own, while others believe its what heavy needed for a long time in order to actually have a chance without a pocket medic, high five taunt, or amp.

Heavy: Tomislav

Suggestion: Give the tomislav a damage bonus or increase the deploy speed by even more.


Feedback: There is also mixed opinions on the medic's crit crossbow. Its almost 50/50 here for the opinions. Some people think it does way too much knockback and damage for medic, other people think its fine as is. In particular, i seen most of the complaints about its knockback on large open maps like Crevice.


Complaint: People seem to heavily dislike the new Baby Face blaster. Its rare to see someone who actually likes the new variant, and even rarer to see someone actually using it.

Spy: Cloak Watch

Feedback: There has always been mixed opinions on the default cloak watch giving damage resistance when spies use it to cloak. Some people find it really broken and renders the dead ringer pointless, other people find it necessary for spies to stand a chance at doing their job if they don't have access to the dead ringer.

Spy: Ambassador

Complaint: Due to the general unreliability with most of the freak fortress boss models, majority of players find that the ambassador is completely and utterly worthless in freak fortress. It is nearly impossible to nail the headshot, and due to spies always having mini-crits at start, to most people it doesn't seem worthwhile even for the effort, compared to the vanilla or any other revolver.


Feedback: The short Circuit has always been in the center of a massive argument. Formerly, people complained about the stun, even before valve did the fire rate increase on it. A few updates later, it currently now has no stun. People still find reason to be upset over this, mainly stating that it is now an useless secondary for engineer in freak fortress, while others are simply glad to see the stun 'spam' gone.


Feedback: Sniper climb. Some people find it gives snipers WAY too much escape and mobility options, especially  when combined with the razor back or cozy camper. Even if it does allow sniper a chance on certain maps, they claim it makes sniper TOO strong in most cases. The people who are defending sniper climb state how sniper was pretty much unusable/worthless on most maps before it was added, outside of using the huntsman.

Demoman: Melee weapons

Complaint: There is really no reason to use the half-katozi or any other melee weapon over the eyelander, as the constant 'heath' gain from the heads outclasses the healing given by the half with each hit, as well as increasing demoman's max heath and speed, AND having more range. The same applies to most other melee weapons for demoman as well.

Demoman: Shields/Secondaries.

Complaint: Similar to the eyelander complaint, there is no real reason to use anything but the tide turner as a secondary. Since all of the shields break in one hit, any resistances the others give over the tide turner is non-existent. The only real benefit of using a shield other than for the tide turner is the charge impact on the screen, which most players seem to think isn't worth having less mobility while charging, for use as an escape. The same applies when comparing any shield to the sticky launchers, as the crits provided by the shield for all primary weapons makes people consider the sticky launcher obsolete in comparison. Add in the fact the shield lets you take a hit with no damage, and it still keeps the crits on primary, and theres a reason you rarely see people use the sticky launcher.

The New Stun system:

Feedback: As most of you know by now, the 'stun' or scare that hales can do is now delayed by second or two before taking effect. This was to allow a higher chance for people to escape, believing it was a cheap death with no real way to avoid it. However, this has led to complaints involving Rocket Jumping soliders, as they are usally able to rocket jump away to safety before the stun takes effect, as well as some scouts getting outa the range completely.

Boss List 3:

Feedback: As a whole, boss list 3 has gotten a mixed reception from the playerbase. While it is currently the most played list on all three servers, a large amount of players seem to hate the list. From claiming theres not a single balanced boss on the list, to having fps drop due to certain bosses, to simply seeming like an excuse to not update any of the older bosses anymore, there has been a lot of hate directed towards this list. Update: Currently being addressed.

The Blitzrieg: Fps/Crashing Problem.

Feedback: It is a well known fact that blitz's muti-colored bouncing rockets cause fps drop if looking directly at them in most computers, due to the ingame engine struggling to handle it. This has lead to a mutiple of people wanting blitz removed. Some even claim he still causes crashes, despite that being fixed for the majority of users.

The Blitzrieg: Balance

Feedback: People also complain about the fairness of blitz, which seemingly fluctuates. Currently its been kept at a stable 'power level', but people are still not the most happy with how he is handled currently. However, an equally large number of people love his current stats. A common suggestion from the people who hate the current blitz is to return him to an older version, the one right after he was first fixed from doing barely any damage, and before the powerups were added whenever he lost a life, as well as before bouncing projectiles, among others.

Krieg the Psycho: Sound clips

Complaint(addressed): Been fixed, or will be fixed.

Krieg the Psycho: Balance

Complaint(adressed): Edit: Has been changed to a flamethrower.

Stylish Raptor Spy: Rage

Complaint: The fact that he has absolutely no effect upon using rage has upset many people who tried to play as him. His only strenght is a cloak watch, which a lot of other hales share. Edit: Currently being addressed.

Bloodrider: The grappling hook

Complaint: People complain about both the boss being nearly impossible to hit while using his grappling hook, as well as it spelling pretty much instant death if it hits someone, as well as the grappling hook players have. Before, it was about how it would lead to rounds dragging out as the hale chased around people using the grappling hook, now the complaint is about how worthless the hook is now that it drains your hp over time.

Bloodrider: Balancing

Feedback: Similar to the grappling hook, loads of people have differing opinions on bloodrider's balance. Some believe that he needs a buff, due to medic spam being able to revive 'faster than he can kill them' most of the time, as well as the short range on his grenade launcher making him easy to kite around. However, others complain that he is too strong, due to the combination of his lives, his grenade launcher, and the grappling hook.

Major Crits; Currently retired, so section has been removed.


Complaint: People dislike the size of his hitbox comparied to the size of his model. These complains have become more verbal ever since he was changed from a heavy to a pyro and given a flamethrower.

Ash Williams:
Severe Problem!: His rage still doesn't work properly. Whenever he rages, he gets the saw effect for a limited amount of time, but never gets his normal melee back.

Hales: Cloak Watch

Complaint: Pretty much every player i seen complained about the large influx of hales using cloak watches on boss list 3, as well as Black and White Spy. They find almost all of them play exactly the same, with the only difference being what they have on rage, their model, and their theme. Edit: Currently being addressed.

Hales: Overall Balance

Complaint: There is too many to go into full detail, but theres been loads of complaints about a LOT of hales/bosses in terms of balance. Some are complained about being underpowered, others about being overpowered, etc. This seems to be the most popular and universal complaint. Will be adding more specific examples at later times.

Hales: Spy/Scout hales

Complaint: These deserve a special mention due to their own special 'issue'. Due to a built in feature in ff2, scout and spy hales end up with their melee 'mutiplied' in damage, to greater levels than other hales. A fix HAS been made for this, but not all the hales have it currently. Edit: Currently being addressed rapidly.

Hales: Touhou Hales

Complaint: Aparently, most of the 'touhou' hales seem to cause crashes for players. This seems to be more related to the models than with anything involving rage abilities or weapons. The only exception to this that i seen so far is Aya.

Hale: Jump issues

Complaint: A lot of hales have crazy issues with their super jumps. Mainly, they'll have a 10% charge yet go all the way up to the top of the map. Hales dont like using it since its hard to get into lower spots, and players dont like shooting at high jumping hales. Other hales also seem to get an insane airboost or something when super jumping, which could also use a fix. Edit: Being currently addressed, might take a while and a few attempts in order to completely fix it.

Hales: New Hales:

Feedback: People feel like we're getting way too many new hales, and not enough changes to old hales, while others seem to think we still need more hales.

Suggestions(Warning, will be lenghy, this is by far the largest suggestions. I'm only naming the most popular ones):
Anything from Undertale
Mutiple tf2 freaks
Marvel/Dc super heros
More FNAF hales
Gordon Freeman
More Borderlands Characters
Dota 2 Champions.
More League Of Legends Characters
More Pokemon related bosses

Ill be updating this as I see more and more popular feedback, complaints, and suggestions given by players who aren't normally active on the forums.
Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:41 pm
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I believe there is are only a few active admins on bbg at the moment including Pancakes, you (haxray), Bonko, and Dr. M. Theres a couple people that just completely disobey some of the rules we have here and most of the time only one person is online to message and they are either busy or just afk. The hales that spam invisibility are just horrid. They go invisible and re-appear behind you just to one hit kill you. When it comes down to 1 on 1 it could take forever of running around just to get one shot on the boss who just go invisible and run.

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Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:09 pm
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I told you hax the other day I was fixing Krieg's voicelines and rage by the end of the day. I already have his fixed rage and voicelines I just need to add the voice lines to the config, but I am very VERY busy today.

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:17 pm
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I like what he yells in the beginning of the round though, "You may hide,  but you cant run! Pussies!!!" I find that just hilarious. intro3.wav is the best. I think he should have some sort of fire rage. Maybe some type of flamethrower since in BL2 he has a skill tree of him breathing fire on someone. Dont make it op like fujiwara though. Enough to at least do 75 damage after the afterburn.

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Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:21 pm
Game Server Admin
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The reason why afterburn damage is pretty much the same reason why scout and spy hales have a problem with their melee damage. The whole reason being, there's an automated multiplier that takes effect on any damage. If that damage is over 160, then it isn't effected. Hence why most hales stay at a good 202 dmg per hit. But any damage factor below 160, and it's multiplied by three. Note that all normal weapons.. outside of rage... or possibly weapons pertaining to Doom's arsenal.. (that I'm not sure of) have an automatic 210% dmg bonus. Now.. whether the multiplier is effected AFTER any added attributes are figured or BEFORE I'm not sure.. but 35 plus 210% is 108.5. Since that's lower then 160, the damage is multiplied by three, making it 325.5. This of course is way too much damage then it should oughta be. It's very easy to fix this in each hale's config... however there are a lot of hales to go over with this.. so a tiny bit of time will be taken. With afterburn.. I think you know where I'm getting with this. Since it does 3 per tick... it's multiplied by 3.. doing 9 damage per tick... doing 180 dmg over a full afterburn. My guess is that this multiplier was a way to try and combat any small damage number, so people wouldn't have to go back and fix them via config. Rather though.. it just made more problems.

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:16 am
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Okay he will get fire on rage (20 ammo invisable flame thrower with high damage, so hale doesn't spam it.), random Vac resistance (Picks one of the 3 randomly, yes uber not passive), and has a mid-range stun.

And his voice is fixed.

Now Koishi, please update it (remeber to change krieg.cfg to krieg1.cfg)

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:28 pm
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How come ghost has like 18 thousand health just for 8 people on the opposing team? Seems a bit too high compared to the regular 8 thousand the other bosses have.

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:54 pm
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Wasn't RavensBro's ghost removed?

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:24 pm
Game Server Admin
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Ghost... well. The formula for default HP is as follows. ((760+n)*n)^1.04.  N= Number of opposing players. So eight people would be about 8709 hp. Ghost, does actually have more HP.. for some reason. At least from the config I'm looking at, his hp is changed to ((850+n)*n)^1.04. In which eight people with this formula would go out to 9773 hp. However, are you sure he... actually had this much HP with that many people?

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Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:46 am
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Yep he had two lives that added up to this amount.

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Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:05 am
Game Server Admin
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That's weird, Haxray is the one behind our latest ghost, maybe he'll give us some insight. But the file I'm looking at doesn't provide extra lives, so either something went horribly wrong in your game, or I'm looking at an old file.. I pick the latter. I'll need to ask koishi for updates.

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Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:27 am
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Yea I was a little curious of why he had an extra life. It happens multiple times I was playing with him, but I forget if it was server 2 or 3. I know they are both different in some ways as well.

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Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:59 pm
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chuck norris and his skybox jump are incredibly annoying

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Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:17 pm
Game Server Admin
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I plan to tweak most of the current hales on here, (exceptions being haxray and some other unnamed adjusting as well) so I'll make sure to do something to Chuck Norris when I get to him..

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Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:27 pm
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Luigis mansion ghost is a pretty neat boss and I like the small speed it gives when you are spooked, but it makes it almost impossible to get a scout unless you corner them. Also, 4Chan anon can jump forever with no cooldown as well as batman.

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