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Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:32 pm
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There seems to be an overall general lack of interest in the servers here with the exception of a few folks on the Freak Fortress servers and I feel there is not much point in running a majority of the servers any more. With that said, I am planning on shutting down a majority of the servers in the next few weeks.

I have thought hard and heavy about perhaps closing down everything including the web site. However at the moment I plan on keeping Server 2 and perhaps just run a mvm server, a prophunt server, and perhaps one or two Freak Fortress servers (one probably being a dev server).

I must say I was totally disappointed in the Halloween event this year, which to me was a litmus test  regarding how worth while it was to continue to exist in TF2.  Most of the servers run at NFOservers on a VPS which renews on the 17th, and I frankly don't see any point in renewing it as I don't think there are very many that would even care.

I started this site almost 10 years ago and perhaps it is time to come to an end, towards the end of the year, due to overall lack of interest.

thoughts? if any?

Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:44 pm
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I would be against shutting down the site and most of the servers. Last I saw over the past few days(unless I was mistaken), prop hunt and the ff2 servers seemed rather full most of the time, minus for dev. I can see your point with the other servers however.

The main reason I want to keep the site going is because its the only real reliable way to actually communicate with the community on the servers(if you do keep them up), even if sadly so few of them actually use it... Its still better than the steam group page.
Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:45 pm
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Also keep in mind, it's around the time of this year when most of the playerbase are still in the school age.

I've been noticing an overall decline of activity in the majority of the servers.

I had this idea to dedicate one of the servers as a multi-mod server where they can vote for the mod they want, Freak Fortress, DeathRun, PropHunt, etc, which is determined by the map they select.
Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:47 pm
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Well.. while I admit some servers do not get the attention they deserve, I do believe that some of the servers are still quite active. I still try to play Prop Hunt everyday, and I usually find a crowd on the prop hunt #1 server, however I don't find prop hunt #2 gets a lot of traffic, I don't see the point of having two prop hunt servers. There are almost always people on the MVM server (not custom), as of late, that has been the place I spend most of my time.

Overall, I can agree with what you say but I have to say that I love BBG, and the community that this place holds. I've made many friends in this community and it wouldn't be the same without you guys. I'd imagine if these servers went I'd stop playing TF2 all together.

But thats your choice as you've been here longer than anyone.
Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:56 pm
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In reality however we all need to face facts that everything dies eventually.

Honestly Big I've been on this community for 4-5 years and any old time BBG original can agree with me that its just not as fun as it used to. Really I think its because the majority of the community. To me no one seems to know how to have fun anymore and it really confuses me, why is there drama and fighting on a videogame lol.
Really Big I dont think you could have done this any better and you only did your best. I think (mostly) all of the admins you chose were good chices expecially Koishi (s/o to him).

Keeping servers up? I'd remove the majority. FF2, Prop Hunt, and MVM should stay though. Would be nice to have the ZF server cause I fill up the server on weekends. Remember Big, its your servers and your money so it all matters on what YOU think. I'm sure we can also understand if there are differences. Agreeing to Hax and Koishi though, It is the beginning of School. So there won't be as much people comparing to the amount of people on during Summer.


Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:01 pm
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I think we should just close down servers that aren't used at all, and increase the number of slots on the servers that have constant activity to 32 slots.
Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:08 pm
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Welp, just lost a ton of emotional text because my internet died.
Im gonna resume it i guess, I respect your decision if you decide to shut down the community by the end of the year, but i do see some stuff that kept me from denying this...
Freak fortress, lets face it, its if not the highlight of bbg. Where most of the few people are still there to bring funs and laughs to the server and community.
Whilst the other gamemode, trade and other games (left 4 dead, minecraft, etc) Dont get alot of activity nowdays.
People who i see that still contribute to the server in any form are Koishi, Ass pancakes, Merpy, Crazyflares, Haxray and Dr.m (heh freak fortress). I obviously wont forget the other fun people, the regulars/newcomers.
When i first joined bbg, i thought it was just a typical community, but then i started playing it for what, 6 months?
and boy, havent i experience alot stuff...alot of stuff e-e. But we aint here of my love stoey of how bbg become my home full of awesome people, we are here for reasons to why bbg shouldnt *die*, im ok if you keep 1/3 ff2 servers only on bbg...but I wouldn't be that ok if you shut down completely bbg, its your ddcisiom though. Im gonna miss alot of this community...

So true...or well not the only reason :v
Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:44 pm
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I hear yea BIG, however I don't think shutting down BBG community is a good idea. On the other hand, I think reducing the number of servers and/or chaging your strategy would be a good excersize.

lets catch up with you sometime and share further thoughts about this
Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:45 pm
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I feel bad because I haven't been getting on the servers much myself recently, first it was work, then I was just tired and rather play single players to unwind, now I literally cant play an online game because my computer has decided the internet isn't it's friend and wants to be slow. Once it's all fixed up I will make time to get on.

 As far as dropping some servers, I would have to agree with you. There isn't a point in keeping so many if we aren't getting traffic, especially when most are just a second or third copy of an existing server/gamemode. The site will be a sad loss, but in the end it is always your call. Realisitcally speaking, I think the site is as slow as the servers. The only people who seem to post are Admins and VIPs; player and randoms input is rare as they don't stick around long enough to make a login. The loss of these things does not mean we can not stay a community though. We would just have to utilize and focus more on the Steam Group page, hoping to revisit the idea of a site and more servers if we can boost numbers (if we keep this thing going).

 BBG has had a fantastic run, and that is all thanks to you. You've provided so many of us with a place where we could meet amazing friends, make plenty of fun memories, and have a blast with both regulars and strangers, because thats what you got when you joined a BBG server. You've kept this sucker going for a long time now, it ends when you want it to. Thank you so much for what you've given

Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:54 pm
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This thing happens to a lot of severs. I'd like to say I joined maybe 4 or 3 years ago since I've lost track of time, but before that I had been playing ff2 on other servers that shut down one after another. Would be nice to see it continue still and since some server will be shutting down, the majority that was spread out will come all together in one server and play together rather than having 5 on one and 5 on another. Even when the servers will disappear one day, the memories will not.Thanks though for hosting some awesome servers!

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Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:47 pm
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One of the major reasons why the forum is underused is because of the lack of Steam integration. Most forums i know of now use the Steam API integration so they can log in with their steam accounts.

Although i am aware that Nuke Evolution would be a nightmare to modify for the Steam API integration, it may be worth it in the end.

The primary focus would be to evaluate which servers are worth keeping and which servers should be shut down, and which servers would benefit from a slot increase.
Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:17 pm
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It is true that as time goes by things die out and are soon replaced with something new, it is the way of life really. At this point with the new games coming out and a new school year TF2 may seem dead to many of it's users. The best way really is to just have only the popular servers running at this point. Shut down the ones that are not getting any traffic at all but keep MvM, Prop, and FF2 Server 2 up. They always get traffic from eager players really, but those servers belong to you Big and you do what you feel is right.
Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:31 am
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Not a lot of people use this website, it'd be a waste to keep it up. But it's still useful, people today just think about playing the game. Not about how you could... talk it out amongst each other to fix anything... make it better.. that's what this website is right? In case you have any problems.. but people don't seem to either mind or they just don't care. While it can also be a place to just.. socialize. But my opinion.. people are just lazy. Or lack of interest as you said Big. People just want to play the game, they don't really cadre enough to devote to the servers. Which to that, since we're on the topic of the servers themselves. There's not a lot of traffic going on many of the servers. I think it's best to maybe get rid of the majority. But the reason I think there aren't any though, is because, again, there's no interest. But it's really not like the servers can't fill up. Since most of the people reside on ff2 and just want to hurry and play. They don't.. really think about just inviting some friends and playing 'mvm' or zombie fortress.. or even deathrun. It's isn't like no one likes those servers, like people said above me, there's just a lack of interest within the community. But it isn't like people hate it of course. People above me have been here quite longer then I have but I'd like to think I fit.... sorta well in here? :)

Thanks and have fun!

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Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:42 am
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It's also a result of Valve's events forcing players to use Valve servers (*cough* contracts *cough*), and Matchmaking overall favoring Valve servers over community servers.
Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:07 am
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I enjoy the servers, I usually play on ff2 ones though. I haven't played much lately though because of school and work, but I do get the urge to get on. I hope the community doesn't go down because I find it to be one of the best ones I have seen. I think I have been here for 2-3 years
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