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Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:33 am
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So... Close to all admins can agree with me on this. Alot of people getting blamed when really its nowones fault because the rules are not set out as much as they are enforced. What I mean is we have all these "certain" rules when people will fight about if its allowed or not.

Such as:

-Swearing (Most Arguable)
-Capping (Freak)
-hl.2 file sounds (Binds for admins to play sounds)
-Insulting other players

Now I cant complain to much, I do some of these stuff but for me I try to do it in a comedic way. To make people have a fun expirience on the server. Its gotten to the point where BBG is turning into High School again, and we really need to fix this... Starting with our ongoing rules and making them permanent and getting opinions on what everyone wants or the more appropriate approach. Please comment so we can get this over with.



Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:35 am
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This right there

Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:52 am
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The only complain I'm gonna say and its short is regarding the sound spams. I'll admit, I always laugh when you and dr.M use it, but there is a limit. Sometimes either it gets annoying or literally gives you a headache if it's not expect it at all.
Swearing, I have broke this rule before and sometimes just with saying it once you are on trouble. Insulting other players...that rule needs to stay there.

Remember I just said I have one complain, guess what? CAPPING. Oh my god, people calling them noobs, no skilled or just insults. There is a reason why it says to evoid prolonging the round, when the hale cannot defeat some campers or rocket jump soldier or force a nature scouts. And viceversa, if the hale is camping in one place just to wait people to come in, you can still cap!. But I just don't get why people get butthurt of it, I mean it another way its making short time to you become a boss and to not lose time on a map that you might like!.

So true...or well not the only reason :v
Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:54 am
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This is why I suggest an actual Admin meeting; Where most, if not all admins can be in attendance and learn what we should be enforcing.

— BigBangTheory wrote
Regarding this capping thing, I think many might get caught up to literally in the "Rules"

I have never officially stated any rule on capping.  The game controls things like when the CP is active and when the 2 minute round time limit starts.

As far as I am concerned the main Rule is on all the servers that we want the servers to be fun for all.   The reason for the CP in the VSH series was to provide a way of preventing a never ending round.  Yes is nice if it can play out to the end, but common sense should start to prevail when 95% of the people are dead and waiting to play... we don't want it dragging out so long that people say to themselves "this is taking way to long, I'm just going to leave"
So there is no hard and set fast rule on capping..... just use common sense.  Admins should be able to determine if someone is trying to be abusive to the gameplay and thus degrade the fun for everyone or not.

While talking about grey area rules, I think the language rule should also be discussed.  Ideally, everyone on the server would be cohesive enough and the server's atmosphere would be friendly enough that all language was totally clean.  This however is not realistic. So, really a more PG atmosphere is probably realistic.
The main test I use to determine if it warrants admin interaction are the following:

1 -  is it targeted at anyone?   (ie. is someone trying to make someone else feel bad?)
2 -  is it excessive?
3 -  is it over the top?              ( F bombs and racial slurs)  

It is one thing for someone to say    "Shit, that rage killed me... how OP!"    verses    "Player X, you are an xxxxxxxx"

the 1rst is simply a statement of frustration, not meaning to hurt anyone's feeling, the 2nd is obviously  trying to make player X feel bad

RULES  =   KEEP IT FRIENDLY AND HAVE FUN     (for veteran members and VIPs ... the expectations are even higher on you guys to show the way and lead by example)

- let admins do their job
- if you are not having fun on one server, then switch to another  (there are currently 4 FF2 servers running)

@ ADMINS   -  please cool the forced sounds, slaps, slays, whatever is a "fun" admin function.  There is still way to much admin enabled powers being used too often.
                     Remember when times perhaps when on a server you did not have admin abilities and some admin did stuff to you ... you probably did not like it.
I took off rocket because it was being used too much.

As for renaming, don't chance kicking players, friend or not, unless they've actually done something wrong; Like have a bad name...

Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:10 am
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It'd be difficult to actually get an all admin meeting... so I'll just dance to waste time <('-'<)

Also, I've known about that post Big used. It's what I use to tell me what to do for cappers. Are other players delaying the round? Is another player in a bad spot? Is the hale hiding/camping? I can let hale cap for any class (unlike that evil "scout/engi/spy" only rule people thought was a thing for a long time ) As long as the reason for capping isn't just to be a butt and do it to be a wuss <('-'<)

I also believe an admin should at least have fun with commands. but maybe to an extent. Should one spam sounds? Probably not. But would it be ok for him/her to use them to a degree, for fun purposes? Totally... if a player finds it annoying, they can easily tell that admin, and thus he/she should stop. An admin should be able to have fun, but not abuse it. A lot of players like it when admins do things like this, but they should obviously be "mature" enough to know where the line stops. Using "fun" commands can be... well fun. But annoying when it's abused.

I, Pancakes, have spoken! <('-'<)

I am gonna bonk you!
Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:04 pm
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Insulting people and swearing has always been not permitted on Big Bang servers.

Not sure why renaming is being considered as a rule, unless people are renaming at end of map like in CoD games.

Player 1 renamed to Good Game. Good Game renamed to Player 1 ect.

Capping, well if it messes up the mod should be stopped. I mean it's Freak Fortress not control point. You are in a survival like gametype in FF not a objective capping one.
Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:03 pm
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Renaming is a bad idea because theres a glitch where it will kick a player, or ban if I remember correctly.
Not something that should be happening. Should only be used when its necessary.
Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:22 am
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I really dont like admins being able to playsounds , No offence to all who use it but it really is annoying. And this is coming from another admin.
I sometimes have to ask admins not to spam it soooo much.... Wouldnt it be nice to not have to bicker between admins?
The fact i even have to point out to a fellow admin that they are spamming is beyond ridiculous.

As for swearing , Im australian , Its in my nature.. BUT i don't swear on the server. I don't let people swear on there either. I give people plenty of warnings if they are just swearing .
If it is directed at a player in an offensive manner im less inclined to give people warnings and be more harsh about the chances i give them. That is the ONLY time i will get really bossy on someone.
Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:50 am
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Playsounds not only are an ear bother, but they spam the chat. If we don't let players micspam/chat spam, we should set the example. Granted I'm not saying don't ever use them, but it should not be 20+times a round.

Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:53 am
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— gara_girl wrote
Playsounds not only are an ear bother, but they spam the chat. If we don't let players micspam/chat spam, we should set the example. Granted I'm not saying don't ever use them, but it should not be 20+times a round.

got it no fun allowed

Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:00 am
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You're playing a video game. It should be fun enough. Having the powers of an admin isn't supposed to make the game more fun for you, it's so you can keep the game fun for others, by taking care of all the not so fun problems.

Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:02 am
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By all means, have all the fun you want. Just don't use admin abilities to do it...

Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:24 pm
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— gara_girl wrote
By all means, have all the fun you want. Just don't use admin abilities to do it...

I know im just being retarted you can ask bonko

Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:04 pm
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Being an admin means trying to make the server more fun for others. Whether trying to fix issues, to just getting rid of players who make it less fun for others. Using sounds, whether at all, or 20x over, can irritate players, and this makes it less fun for them. Which is exactly something and admin should try and avoid. So (surprise surprise) players are probably not going to like it if you key bind a sound 20x in a round. But this does NOT mean you can't use sounds at any point. Whatever keeps players happy is what should come first, not you. If even one person feels like sounds are a bother to him/her, than quit playing the sounds. Again, there are players that like the 'play sound' command. But there are some that you still have to account for that may not. So don't rule those people out. Make it fair for everyone.

I am gonna bonk you!
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