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Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:45 am
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Was not sure if I should post this here or not but what the heck.
We have has had this for quite a while and thought maybe some of you would be interested

Just a bunch of old and new cod1&2 players that still actively play the game.

Our steamgroup:
Teamspeak: Address:

More info about what we are in the steam group.
Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:29 am
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hey Russ, I have pretty much dropped support of COD due to the lack of support from Activision

1 cod1.5 server mentioned on front page currently running awe, but could easily do voodoo or other mods.  It is my opinion that COD is too dead to support

Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:16 am
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Pretty much flushing money down the toilet if you run a CoD/UO/WAW server. Odds are unless you can fill it up for the following reasons its not happening:

1) You run a elite Riles Only Clan (Creat!ve and EURO come to mind)
2) You run a multigaming Clan with 50+ active members
3) You have an epic private mod server with tons of custom code
4) You have niche market following; Zombie Server, Rifles Only, Base Assault Server, CTF
5) Your mod is AWE based and your Clan is big
6) Your Clan contributes to server costs instead of sticking you with the bill  (good luck with that), or you are rich.
7) You mod has a solid bot mod inside of it so 2 human players can play bots too.
Cool You got elite mappers in your Clan who make maps people get excited over.
9) Your a grand master programming/developer who can make his mod small but epic (see #3)

If you don't meet a few of the nine reasons, forget it. Go run a CoD4 or CoDBO or BF4 or Valve Game Server (TF2, CSS, CSGO et al)
Even running a CoD2 server is risky, unless you got a few buddies and run Extreme+ mod.

I still play those old CoD's but wouldn't rent a server for them without a few buddies lined up for a community. Still mess around with Modding and stuff, since I want to learn C/C++ without reading a dreaded 1,000 page programming book.
All CoD series Mod development is pretty much solo, unless you find someone who wants to collaborate. Too many CoD series Modders are only interested in making private mods for their servers. If someone wants to make a mod team, they are better off switch to source based games or UT3 or others.

Btw Big Bang ditched the CoD Server, I believe.

Better off just finding buddies and playing on someone else server.  As long as you don't recruit or glitch or hack on someones server you should be okay. Most messed up video game clans died out or will not bother players since player pool is very meager.
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