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{BBG} Best of Boss List


Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:23 am
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Best of Boss List

Post suggestions here, with reason why the boss justifies being a best of.  Or, why one should be removed

The thinking of this list is that for a boss to be on the list, it has to have one of the following attributes:

Very popular
Model / abilities is very well done (quality work with Blender or other.)
Just a fun boss to play  (well themed)

Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:27 am
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Current Roster for Best of Bosses:

Code: [ Select all ]

"{BBG} Best of Bosses"
    "1"     "applejack"
    "2"     "arnold"
    "3"     "ass_pancakes"
    "4"     "bart"
    "5"     "bill"
    "6"     "blackbeards_ghost"
    "7"     "bonkboy"
    "8"     "bowser"
    "9"   "chucknorris"
    "10"   "darkvader"
    "11"    "demo_samedi_v2"
    "12"    "doom"
    "13"    "new_duke_nukem"
    "14"    "fnaf_foxy"
    "15"    "freddyduo"
    "16"    "gaben"
    "17"   "gentlespy"
    "18"    "ghostbuster2"
    "19"    "greyalien2014"
    "20"   "hatsunemiku"
    "21"    "homer"
    "22"    "jason"
    "23"   "svsblack"
    "24"   "svs_white_duo"
    "25"    "predator"
    "26"    "pyrogas"
    "27"    "robocop"
    "28"    "rocket"
    "29"    "sandmen"
    "30"    "skeleton_king"
    "31"    "travis"
    "32"    "wheatley2"
    "33"    "zombie"
   //   Companions
    "34"    "jasonduo"
    "35"   "svs_black_duo"

Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:28 am
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Reserved for future use

Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:25 am
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I believe the following hales should be removed from this list. Ill be explaining them in detail as I go on, but they are Trixie, Blackbeard's ghost, and Chucky.

Ah, Trixie. What can I say about her that hasn't been said already. People really do not like fighting against her, and she is rarely played as, for two big reasons. First, the fact its a pony(this isn't the reason it should be removed, trust me. Im not a 'hater'.) Second, the fact the whole gimmick of the hale is Chain Lighting. Ill assume its very fitting for what the hale is, assuming being a word as I know next to nothing about it/she really, but that doesn't change the fact Chain Lighting is known as an op ability. Most people would shy away from Trixie because she is more overpowered than 'normal' hales, she lacks the pure op and 'fun' of Bonk Boy, who dispite being overpowered manages to feel fun to fight because he literally has EVERYTHING he can toss at you. Sandman balls, Massive super jump, Epic Music, a good model for what it is, Sandman balls, time warp, Soda Poper. Trixie? She simply has one overpowered ability that really doesn't feel that special due to that being the only difference she has from Vagineer really. So shes not fun to fight, not really the funnest to play as, and is overpowered to boot.

Blackbeard's Ghost:
He shares Trixie's problems, but to a lesser Extent. He has good music, his model has good hitboxes, and he does feel fun to play as. The problem is, however, hes simply not that fun to FIGHT against. When you are against him, it just feels hopeless and not fun at all. As soon as someone picks him, you see everyone on red start groaning and killing themselves. A timewarp rage isn't that special, as Gaben also has it. What Blackbeard lacks that Gaben has, is that Gaben feels FUN to fight. I mean, its GABEN. He has silly quotes, a fitting model, and is just plain funny and fun to fight. Blackbeard ain't that fun to fight.

Mutiple reasons against him. First off, his model is terrible. You can instantly see he's simply a reskinned engineer with a messed up head. Secondly, he feels INSANELY plain. Hes the standard "instant kill revolver" spy hale, except tossed onto an engie model. He is rarely picked due to how plain he is, and hes not really that fun to fight either. Fighting Chucky feels the same as fighting Nick. The one thing he DOES have going for him, however, is his music.

Ill say this. None of these hales are completely and utterly terrible. They simply do not cut out to be "best of BBG". I would give suggestions, but I can't think of any right now. When I do, ill be sure to share them and my reasoning why.
Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:04 am
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took Trixie and Chucky off

Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:43 pm
Game Server Admin
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Can you put robomario in the list please

Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:13 pm
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Can we Put Pyrogas in this boss lit because it one of the bosses i play and the other i bosses in that list i dont play hardly any
Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:27 am
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Here's a few bosses that I think should be added to the Best of Bosses list.

The Team Killer:
First of all, almost everyone I've talked to about him seems to enjoy playing as him (in fact, many people say he's one of their favorites) while I think he's enjoyable to fight. He's a threat since it's pretty easy for him to lurk among your numbers, but he's killable. I also like how you're pushed more into working together with your team while you're fighting against him.

Freddy Fazbear:
He seems to annoy some people because of his popularity, but that's actually one of the reasons I want to suggest him here. Everyone uses him at least once, and in my opinion he's pretty fun to play as and to fight against. The model may not look exactly like Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's, but the audio that comes with the boss is spot on and immediately reminds me of how scared I was while playing the game.

I'm actually pretty surprised to see that he wasn't already on there. Again, he's popular and fun to play as and especially to fight against. The song that plays in the background and the boss himself are both really funny and I've never heard someone say a single bad thing about him. That's something you can't say about many bosses.

Robbie the Rabbit:
He's not one of the most popular bosses, but he's really fun to play as and to fight against. He's more balanced than a lot of the bosses I've fought against as he seems to die as frequently as he'll live depending on who's controlling him. He's also my personal favorite, so I couldn't leave him out of this list.

If the list up there is up-to-date, I could probably think of some more to add on but I think that's enough for now. I don't know if any of these will actually be put in, but I just wanted to give my honest opinion on who I thought deserved to/should be added. I may come back later if I think of any other changes that'd be good for the servers.

The Last Thing You Never See
Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:38 pm
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added team killer and heavysauce for now

Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:25 am
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How about adding MAD white spy, blitzkrieg, The real chucky doll, Foxy the pirate and chuck norris?

So true...or well not the only reason :v
Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:18 am
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Phoenix Wright: come on, who doesn't want to fight as and against the Ace Attorney? Cool
Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:46 pm
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Bosses from list that deserve to be removed

Ash Williams:
For the same reasons i keep saying he needs to be removed, at least temporarily. His rage is still broken to all hell, and renders him almost unplayable. You lose instantly if you use his rage since you get stuck unarmed for 90% of the round after that.

New Duke Nukem:
Hes a boring shotgun hale, i rarely see anyone actually play as the Duke, and when they do you just get an endless series of complaints.

I haven't seen a single person play this hale for a while now, and I mean a WHILE. At least 4-5 months(not exaggerating). All he is is a generic revolver using spy hale. His model is pretty bad too.

Bosses that deserve to get added:

A pure classic. He is practically one of the stock ff2 hales(he was one of the first custom hales, and was the first 'revolver spy' hale). Hes also the only balanced of the 'revolver spy' cliche hale. He DESERVES a spot on the list for sure.

Foxy the Pirate Fox:
Ignoring the FNAF themes at first, we got what is possibly the best balanced scout hale on the entire server. Hes fun to play too, ultizing a lunge for his main source of power, as otherwise hes slow, outside of his speedboosting rage. Including the FNAF mentions, hes as accurate as you can get to the source material, sporting a great model, as well as simply suiting the character. The only thing that really could be improved about him is the theme, as it honestly kinda sucks.
Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:27 am
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You can complain about Duke all you want but you can't resist he has a kickass theme.

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:55 am
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Bosses that deserve to go into the bin:

Billy the Doll/Jigsaw Billy/Billy:

This boss is yet another, reskin of Ninja Spy, with a Scout skin and class, which is just boring and generic. Plus, nothing really fits Billy in FF2 other than Oogie Boogie's subplugin, you wanna know why this is even a boss? It's because RavensBro decided to take the model straight from Freak Fortress 2 Deathrun and make a unfiting, boring, Ninja Spy reskin.


Spite this boss sporting one of the classic, awesome bgms, this boss just feels bad. He's the zombie Heavy from the "Zombie Horde" boss slapped onto the Headless Horseless Horsemann's/Hatmann's config and simply called "Zombie". This hale is not that bad but it is not worthy of the title "Best of BBG"

In defense of Duke Nukem:

This guy does deserve to be here, his theme is kickass, hes the first shotgun hale to enter the Freak Fortress 2 realm, sports his 1-liners, and here to kick some ass. Yes, I know he is "boring" or "generic" but stop and look at his lines, respones, theme, etc and you will find something not so "boring" as you think. As for the "complaints" it's just people complaining about his one-and-only strength, but eats easy to dodge unless hale has top-tier aim.
(Also I see people playing as Duke all the time, and hes my go-to boss in this pack)

I support Ash Williams and The Joker being out of the "Best" aswell, for Haxray's reason above.


Yes, this guy, you know Demoman's cursed..... eye? Well yes, I love this boss. He is the only boss i've seen in FF2 that sports a passive ranged weapon that hasn't collected hate (Ex: Old Chuck Greene) for many reasons. First so is that he is super balanced to play aganist because his attacks are so easily dodgeable which poses a challenge for the hale. Secondly is his divercity aganist other hales, he is the only hale to use balanced rockets to rocket-jump around and cause havoc upon the RED Team and be balanced in the process.

The Flash:

I don't know how to describe this hale.... it's just so damn fun going lightning speed furiously attacking enemies, just....... put him him in the pack.

The Hulk/The Incredible Hulk:

"LOL RESIZE HALE", well yes, this hale does resize and sometimes even gets stuck, but this hale, unlike Garfield, has uber to actually give him the upper hand. When playing the boss you have incredibly slow firing fists, but hits guarantees a free 1000 damage, overhealed or not; and the rage feels very fun becoming all strong and mighty temporally just feels... ugh, good.

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:31 am
Game Server Admin
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though honestly idc of this list anymore, im just gonna put the ones i liked the most.
Blitzkrieg: despite being one of the most controversial boss in ff2, i still like to play as a crazy medic loading a tons of rockets and then splatting them out to almost everywhere, gets you to feel insane, even when you fight against him its insane as well, i mean you are dodging tons of rockets at once while trying to attack him and in some occasions, protecting your team colleagues.

Foxy the Pirate fox: Say what you want fnaf haters or you people who follow the trend of *if everyone hates this, then i must too because its cool lul*, this boss is actually a great boss, its both fun to play and play against at. Like haxray said, he is actually a balanced scout boss!.

M.A.D white spy: Being of the M.A.D spies, i will honestly go with this one, it could consider the op of the duo, since it has a stickybomb launcher as his rage weapon- I honestly like to play both as him and against him. Fun to play as because his GODAMN WEAPON IS A STICKYBOMB LAUNCHER THAT CAN SOMETIMES 1 SHOT KILL AND GOING INVISIBLE, or fun to play against because you really need to watch where you're going playing against this guy (obviously) Well, either add this guy, his black version, or both as a duo boss (we have freddy and jason as a duo anyway, why not this guys as well?).

Christian Brutal Sniper: Its easy to understand why this guy could at least be consider one of the best bosses, since he is one of the stock ff2 bosses and a classic one at that point, you get a sniper that no longer has his trusty sniper rifle, instead you get an insane butch-man with a crossbow, might not sound interesting enough till you get to play as him, he is after all the first boss to handle a weapon other than a melee. Though I'm pretty sure every stock ff2 boss should get a spot in the best list of bosses, they are indeed the first bosses to appear in. But really, i will like to see this guy in the pack.

Bloodrider: Same idea as blitzkrieg, just replace the insane rockets with insane grenade pills. Though this boss at least doesn't lag you or make your frames slowly die like blitzkrieg.

Chuck Norris: if you are gonna have one of the best of best as a boss, then there is no exception to add this guy (yeh im joking, but tbh he isn't a bad selection xd)

The Real Chucky Doll: if he was still that 3 teleports boss. RIP.

So true...or well not the only reason :v
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