My GTX 480 died


Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:14 pm
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Yea, yea she's dead. R.I.P. I think my daughter got it too hot because she started playing MW2 on my PC and I think she forgot to turn  the fan up on it.
I kept reminded her to be sure and do it but I think she slipped. I turned on HWMonitor when I wasn't on it and knew she would playing when I was at work and on a couple occasions I would come home and find that the max temp was at one time 96C and 105C and no telling how long at those temps. The last week I was just browsing the net and poof, it went out.
It's in RMA now to eVGA. Luckily it has a lifetime warranty but I'm stuck using my spare 7600GT and playing COD4 just isn't the same. Poor images, jagged edges and jumpy. That's why I was playing like crap the other night. My card can't get here soon enough. I may go snatch up a GTX 260 Core 216 to get me by. I 'm having withdrawals. Evil or Very Mad
Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:33 am
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sorry to hear.. I thought the latest and greatest Nvidia drives took care of the default fan speed of 20 %
The 260 or 280 is still a great card. On my second best computer, I am running a 260 and it works just fine!
Lunatice posted a thread about setting up Rivatuner with a fan profile that worked well also.. Might seek that thread out

Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:36 am
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