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#1: No icon Creative Bullets CoD1 and CoD2 Community Author: Omega PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:47 pm
Creative Bullets (my clan) still plays CoD1, and CoD2. For Rifles Only it's pretty much CB or EURO servers.

We run many servers via VPS. Search IP on gametracker "" (each server has different port number)

+CB+ does tag up so we are technically a clan but more informal like a community. Mind as well stop by the server here and there. Pubber are welcome on our servers and on +CB+ Teamspeak.

I believe we will be pushing out of CoD1 cause the ships sinking if you know what I mean. We will likely push more into CoD2 since CoD1/UO is officially on life support. Might just leave the bots and rifle servers up but transition to more CoD2 servers.

I'm updating CoD2 Merciless Mod 2 on the side while working with ebusiangamers UE4 Game Project.

We are not competition to BBG, we don't have csgo, css, or tf2 server(s).

Will hop on BBG servers later on. -> Call of Duty 1.5

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