Do you want to see these new bosses on the server? [POLL]


Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:22 am
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Sorry Koishi, I know you are not interested into TF2. Plx forgive

Anyway, Koishi wants community opinion before adding a boss, since BBG only excepts very good hales in. Here are some hales I enjoy and the community may enjoy also,

Vote on the strawpoll link below the hale info, with enough votes we may get this boss on the server Very Happy.

Boss Name -Ghost (TCR) (True Capitalist Radio)
Boss Info - From True Capitalist Radio. This guy is notorious for yelling and getting angry very easily.
Here is a video that introduces Ghost in his glory.

Melee: Fists (Invisable Kukri)
Class: Sniper
Charge: Brave Jump
Lifes: 2
HP: Moderate
Rage: 10 cans that can be thrown + Stun + Engineer summon
Lifeloss: Crits + Shotgun
Theme 1:[" target="_blank">Melting pot of alcohol (Orignal)
Theme 2: Hambone Nightmares
Theme 3: Melting pot of Storms
Theme 4: Fruitbowl Away

Boss Name - 4chan Sniper
Boss Info - Hes a sniper that goes to /b/ and screams 4CHAAAANNN
Here is 4chan Sniper in action.

Melee: Hypocrite's Bust (Works on Sniper) and a bottle of jarate that on incoat instant kills the target when hit with melee.
Class: Sniper
Charge: Brave Jump
Lifes: 1
Special Ability: Parachute (5 second recharge)
HP: Moderate
Rage: Milk + Medic's with Neon Annihilator for crits.
Theme 1: Frog's theme - Chrono Trigger OST

Boss Name - Ben Drowned
Boss Info - You shouldn't have done that....
This video shows off Ben Drowned.

Melee: Fists
Class: Heavy
Charge: Teleport
Lifes: 10
Speed is very slow.
On Kill: Ben overlay
Lifeloss: Uber + Instant Teleport
HP: High
Rage: 3 smite + Fire resist + Stun
Theme 1: Shag - Song of Healing

Boss Name - The Sly
Boss Info - Sorta Inspired by Suicide Mouse, demonic Spy freak.

Melee: Ambassador (Doesn't do big damage to players, can only hurt sentries), Cloak, Wanga Prick
Class: Spy
Charge: Spring-jump (Infinate jumps for 10 seconds)
Lifes: 1
Speed is moderate
HP: Very Low
Rage: OP Bleeding + "Hidden" mode + Instant Teleport
Theme 1: Heavy Metal - Henry Hatsworth OST

Boss Threads:

Will add more when more people want to see a certain hale added. This actually took 30 mins to make, lol

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:26 am
Game Server Admin
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Even though sly and ghost are interesting hales, I'm neutral them.
I do however wanna see 4chan sniper and ben since 4chan is just...4chan xd and ben is a really old hale that isn't used on servers nowdays. (at least i havent played him).
I would like to see them on the servers  Very Happy

So true...or well not the only reason :v
Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:18 pm
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Very Happy I LOVE IT

Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:59 am
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Well vote on the strawpolls if you want to see koishi notice it and consider adding it Very Happy

Some dumb dude how decided he should make Freak Fortress bosses for fun
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