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 Topic: Prop Hunt map config

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PostForum: Team Fortress 2 Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:43 pm Subject: Re: Prop Hunt map config
Hmm... There is another way to get around a broken decompile, if its totally unusable. If you go into tf2's files via gmod's prop spawn menu, you can find every prop and the filepath for each prop. Its not as quick, but it does work.(Note, not for a per map basis, as you need to find the specific prop on the map itself first, but it also gives you a visual indicator if its a good prop to use or not)
 Topic: TF2 Rival is Here !!

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 9:57 pm Subject: Re: TF2 Rival is Here !!
— AssPancakes429 wrote
While I enjoy this game, there have been many of ones beforehand, one dubbed "Loadout" as I believe. That were to rival our hat themed shooter. They all were flops, unlike this game however. I do hope it goes far, but for it to ever rival such a titan as TF2 isn't a matter of what's better. But tf2 seems to target a much more laidback audience. While overwatch seems route more towards playing the objective. Since this is blizzard were talking about this statement is magnified much more. As custom servers are likely to be sparse. Of course this doesn't mean one can target both or the other. Try all winstons and see where that gets ya Razz.
I'm looking forward to a fresh face into the class based fps genre. I hope overwatch succedes, and since playing the open beta, I think it has.

I don't think tf2 will fall so easily, not if they start caring at least. The minimalisc and, quite questionable patches rather recent are scaring away most people. While those hardcore tf2'ists will take a wound for their digital copies hat trading simulator. If valve runs this right we could see a future where two run by eachother. But if nothing "groovy" is made out, I wouldn't be surprised if we're left in the dust, since Blizzard is known to actually take care of their lineups.

Let's all welcome our rivals, sportsmanship is the best match we can achieve!

The biggest danger i see is Valve's attempts at making tf2 competitive flop massively, and overwatch's competitive doesn't. Because unless valve starts massively cracking down and nerfing/buffing overpowered stuff, competitive is not going to go anywhere.

Seriously, they need to stop listening to pubs and listen more to experienced players when it comes to balance. Look at the phlog for the biggest example of this. They had buffed it to an actually usable level... then they nerfed it to a literal garbage level. because pubs complained.

Meanwhile, every pub that complained about the buffed phlog loved to run UP TO THE TAUNTING UBERED PYRO AND STAND NEAR HIM.
 Topic: TeamSpeak 3

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PostForum: TeamSpeak Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 2:44 pm Subject: Re: TeamSpeak 3
— ScorchingVenom wrote

 Topic: Battlefield 1-WW1

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 5:57 am Subject: Re: Battlefield 1-WW1
— AssPancakes429 wrote
sounds like a blast

From the Past!

... Ill show myself out.
 Topic: Zombie Fortress Changes

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 9:17 pm Subject: Zombie Fortress Changes
Note: I am well aware a lot of these changes being controversial. I am doing this with the intent of improving the gameplay. If you dislike it, give a reason why.

Horrifying: Moved from limited to 1 to completely banned.

Reasoning: This perk's main problem comes in two halves. First off, no one likes getting their stats reducted. No one likes having their stats reducted even if they DO manage to kill the horrifying. All it takes it 1 hit, and stats reduced. Don't got boosted attack or defense? Suddenly you're weaker for a full 15 seconds. And a 5% damage pentally does a lot, as it makes what would normally take 2 shots take 3 shots, or makes melees completely and utterly worthless for the duration. Get hit 2-3 times, and you might as well kill yourself or go afk for 15 seconds for how useful you will be.

The second problem, is that it DISCOURAGES teamwork. If you get hit by a horrifying zombie, and another player kills him, you're stuck with an even bigger stat decrease. In a game where teamwork is important and encouraged by 90% of perks, why do zombies get a perk that PUNISHES survivors for helping each other out?

Stash: Banned Completely.

Reasoning: Much for the same reason as wise is banned, Stash can simply snowball super easily. Instead of getting defense anda ttack bonuses, you get attack bonuses and a overheal bonus that caps out at 400. Overheal in ZF is permament til you lose it via damage, so it might as well be bonus heath. Its biggest difference from wise is that it encourages you to NOT use teamwork, as you can only place and use the stash if no other survivors are nearby.

Stir-crazy: Banned.

Reasoning: The best counter to this perk, and only counter, is Tarred. Tarred has a much more difficult time trying to counter survivors using this perk, than survivors have trying to counter tarred users. All survivors have to do is avoid the tar piles, while tarred has to get direct hits. Combine it with a range weapon, and stir-crazy's biggest counter gets completely shut down with experience, leaving you with a constant 170% attack bonus and speed boost.

Juggernaut: Limited to 1

Reasoning: While 1 juggernaut can be countered, mutiple juggernauts is where it starts to get a bit crazy.

Roar: Limited to 1

Reasoning: It reduces defense by 50%. While stat reducing perks are rather not-fun to play against, roar at least doesn't punish you for having teammates help, and it is only a defense debuff. However, it gets stupidly overpowered if you get a huge crowd of roar users as you get bounced around with massive defense pentallies.

Alpha: Unbanned

Reasoning: While the minion summon ability can very easily lead to trolls, the other ability alpha has is simply way too important for it to be banned.

Maps being removed:
Zf_Turtle Attack(Has a chance of causing a server crash)
Zf_Lake(A really unfair and unbalanced map).

Maps being added:
Zf_Pen_15(A solid objective map)
Zf_Christmas_Nucleus(A solid objective map with a clever twist on how the objectives work).
 Topic: Battlefield 1-WW1

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 8:32 pm Subject: Re: Battlefield 1-WW1
I don't think its purely ww1. Theres a short clip of a guy wearing a metal mask using a weird weapon. Neither of those things existed in world war 1.

So i would expect a bit more of semi-fantasy take on world war 1.
 Topic: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:06 pm Subject: Re: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development
— Unstoppableluck wrote
You should Revamp Oogie Boogie And Sans (Not A undertale fan)

Done, Oogie boogie got re-added. Sans im working on, its not a revamp as only the model exists(Outside of private configs).

So i guess neither of you have an answer for the first selection?
 Topic: Freak Fortress Dev Filtering

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:21 pm Subject: Freak Fortress Dev Filtering
Might need to work on the name of this thread... anyway, this thread will be discussing every 'finished' boss on dev, and their respective 'ranking'. There is 4 lists, each with their own different level of how likely they are to appear on Server 1, or what parts/aspects of them are likely to make an appearance.

To clarify, this has little to no effect on what gets chosen for bbg servers 2 and 3, as those are generally a lot less 'balanced', and bosses being added depend mostly on the demand for the boss, and nothing else.

For the context of this thread, a completed boss has the following:

-All Abilities complete(No missing abilities that are still W.I.P)
-A finished model(Not an incomplete model, or missing one)

-Is considered either complete by the original creator, or will never be finished due to work being ceased.

Missing sound files do not account to if a boss is 'completed' enough to be counted on this list.

The ranking system is as follows:

List 4: Will most likely never show up on Server 1 in any form, ever. The model will most likely never be used, and the bosses's abilities/config will never be reused. The lowest of the low, bosses in this tier require a complete rework.

List 3: The boss's abilities might show up, but not the boss or model itself. The model is almost certainly not going to be used, but the abilities and/or config of the boss might reappear being used by another in the future.

List 2: The model of the boss and the boss itself might be used, but the config itself requires a drastic rework. While the boss/model has a high chance of showing up on server 1 eventually, it will not be using the same abilities as it is currently.

List 1: A boss that will almost certainly be used in every aspect as it is now. The model and config will both be used 100%, even if a few minor tweaks have to be done to the abilities. No drastic changes are needed, or shows a lot of potential.

List 0: Will be added to server 1 instantly, with abilities exactly as they are now.

The current rating is as follows:

List 4:
M7 Demoknight
Shadow Thief
Shadow Duo
Count Heavynich_Duo
Red Bob
Blu Bob
Scooty Booty Sauce
Geshia Duo
Sargent Bloodthirster
Afro Sniper

List 3:

List 2:
Duck Nigga(With name change, undoubtly)
King Boo
Senator Armstrong

List 1:
FaG Scout(possibly to be moved to tier 0)

Any boss not on this list is either not rated yet, or is deemed incomplete and except from being rated. These ratings CAN be changed overtime, provided work is put to improve the ranking of the boss. Bosses at list 4 are the biggest in danger of being removed from the development server, but nothing will be done as of this moment. Bosses can also be changed in rank depending on what people think of them, and if they can give a good argument as to why the boss deserves a higher rank than it is at right now.

It is important to note that this thread is not meant to be offending or insulting to anyone. I personally appreciate everyone who takes the time to create a boss and get it added to dev. It shows and means a lot about how much you care about the servers, and im sure everyone else involved believes the same. That being said, some things just REALLY could be improved/worked on, and thats what this thread is for. Outside of informing the general playerbase what they are likely to see in the future on server 1(and possibly the other servers), it lets boss creators know exactly what needs to be improved/worked on.

If you wish to know specific details about why a specific boss got the ranking it did, please leave a comment below asking. I will gladly go into detail.

Thank you for your understanding, and please keep this civil.
 Topic: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:53 pm Subject: Re: VOTE: Freak Fortress 3 Boss Development
— TOm4TOSenPaii wrote
u should revamp scp and add isaac

Forgot to update this and remove scp-106 as an option, as the rage I wanted to use is currently borked, so its uncertain of his future. Ill take the issac request into note though.
 Topic: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:24 pm Subject: Re: VOTE: Freak Fortress 3 Boss Development
Really now, guys? I know a bunch of you specifically asked me to add this thread here instead of just to the group discussions... but I don't see anyone using either.

Why bother asking me to make it if you're not gonna use it?
 Topic: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:50 am Subject: Re: VOTE: Freak Fortress 3 Boss Development
I'm starting to think you guys don't even care, haha...

Seriously though, i would LOVE to see you guy's opinions on this...
 Topic: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:26 am Subject: VOTE: Freak Fortress 1 Boss Development
Heya. In an attempt to further appeal to what the community wants to see, I have put together a vote. There is no poll since this would require more than one, and ill rather not make 3 threads. Instead, just leave a comment saying your choice.

Should the next boss fixed up be:

The Rocket
Skelly Tony
Grey Alien

Also, which of the following really old hales(That were removed before) should be revamped first?

Oogie Boogie

Also, which of the following brand new bosses should be done/added first(More Dev than this server in particular, but this server will be where they show up first after the dev server)

LSD: Grey Man

Please, leave a comment answering this. I genuinely want to know what you guys want.
 Topic: Freak Fortress 3 changes

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:34 pm Subject: Re: Freak Fortress 3 changes
— BigBangTheory wrote
at some point in time, I want to swap the server hostname of Freak Fortress2 Server 1 and Server 3, This will only clean up a label in the control panel, but since the FF2 servers are shifting around lately.. I will probably make that swap sometime this week.

Only pending change with be the server name of server 1 and 3 will swap, and I will have to reflect that change in all the other servers' !hop plugin config

Lets encourage folks to get the servers' data saved in their favorites list :discuss:

Was already doing that. I noticed the inconsistencies in the login name. xD. I just hope enough people listened.
 Topic: Freak Fortress 3 changes

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:14 pm Subject: Re: Freak Fortress 3 changes
Incase you missed the announcement, new server 3's ip is

The old server 3 will be going down soon at an unknown time.

Posted this here as well as on the group to make sure as many people see it as possible.
 Topic: Zombie Fortress Perk limits

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:02 pm Subject: Re: Zombie Fortress Perk limits
— SnowLeonardo wrote
I must say I am quite disappointed in these choices. I started playing on this zombie fortress server not too long ago. (coming from another one) I loved your one because it felt like the original zf. No heavy nerfs on everything to appease the salty crowd. I even brought a few friends that loved the server but now it's more nerfed than the previous server we were on. It's a real shame to see the last original zf server going down the same dark path as the others.

Zombie Fortress is impossible to balance without taking the fun away. Let things be Overpowered to counter other overpowered things. Don't just nerf shit left and right and hope everything works out. Perk limits I can understand, it makes survivors choose other perks and give them a shot.

Please heed my warning: If you keep doing this the servers popularity surely will drop. This is coming from a 4 year zf veteran who has seen many servers come and go.

No. We are not unbanning Ninja Or Wise. Those perks are just plain broken, and deserve to stay banned. Traitor is banned because it serves no purpose outside of trolling, and Alpha is banned since it has nothing at all special about it outside of summoning minions that you kill with the sole use of trolling people when they would otherwise get a kill.

If you actually WANT the horrid Wise and Ninja perks to be unbanned, give an argument how a perk that lets you become godlike with no counter except "Horrifying rush them with 4 people right away before you even know if they're using wise' is fine.

Or how about how a perk that encourages you to do nothing but jump around in a wide open area with no counter at all outside of the guy either screwing up or getting lucky with lunge about 6 times.
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