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 Topic: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:47 pm Subject: Re: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff
Bump. Due to time constraints I may be stepping down from Partner. Ebusiangamers is focusing more on learning 3D modeling now. So we need another Partner and Programmer.



 Topic: Hybrid Drives (SSD meets HDD)

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PostForum: Hardware Review Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:50 pm Subject: Hybrid Drives (SSD meets HDD)
Not really happy with SSDs reliability sometimes mine is detect after running PC for a few hours, That's why I use a HDD for OS. But those Hybrid drives I herd good things about them. Anyone have good experience with them?
 Topic: Creative Bullets CoD1 and CoD2 Community

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PostForum: Call of Duty 1.5 Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:47 pm Subject: Creative Bullets CoD1 and CoD2 Community
Creative Bullets (my clan) still plays CoD1, and CoD2. For Rifles Only it's pretty much CB or EURO servers.

We run many servers via VPS. Search IP on gametracker "" (each server has different port number)

+CB+ does tag up so we are technically a clan but more informal like a community. Mind as well stop by the server here and there. Pubber are welcome on our servers and on +CB+ Teamspeak.

I believe we will be pushing out of CoD1 cause the ships sinking if you know what I mean. We will likely push more into CoD2 since CoD1/UO is officially on life support. Might just leave the bots and rifle servers up but transition to more CoD2 servers.

I'm updating CoD2 Merciless Mod 2 on the side while working with ebusiangamers UE4 Game Project.

We are not competition to BBG, we don't have csgo, css, or tf2 server(s).

Will hop on BBG servers later on.
 Topic: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:49 pm Subject: Re: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff
We are looking for a modeler to make mid poly models.
 Topic: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:02 pm Subject: Great War Game Independent Game Project Seeks Staff
Title says it all. Me (PlusIce) and ebusiangamers are working a Unreal Engine 4 WWI FPS Game. Ebusiangamers is taking the 3d Modeler slot. We are seeking the following staff:

1x Partner

The Co-Developer of the project. A jack of all or many trades. Programmer plus another specialized skill.

1x Programmer

A programmer experienced in C++ and possibility Blueprints

Currently this is voluntary project. If we sell the game we will consider payment for the work. As of now the project is in Delta Stage (Early Development)

Contact ebusiangamers if interested.

My Steam is:


Can also contact ebusiangamers via (his main modding site)

Some examples of our work:


[youtube] [/youtube]

ebusiangamers has two Youtube Channels, one focused on modding and indie game development, another for video game footage.
 Topic: Game Mode ideas

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PostForum: Team Fortress 2 Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:09 pm Subject: Re: Game Mode ideas
1) Hold the Flag or King of the Hill
2) Got Money (Idea from CoD1 SWAT Mod). Players steal money from enemy chest and return to their money chest.
3) Downed, Freezetag, or Team Arrest
4) Team Elimination or Last Team Standing
5) Capture the Flag with side swap
6) Capture the headquarters
7) Large Control point (7-10 control points) might take too long to dominate though.
Cool Team Deathmatch (Does TF2 have it?)
9) Free for All/Deathmatch (Does TF2 have it?)
10) Sniper Wars (Snipers Only, with maps you can't cross middle)
11) Last Man Standing, Deathmatch with players having a set number of lives. Last player alive is winner.

Not sure if TF2 has TDM and DM, since I only play it a little bit.
 Topic: Freak Fortress 2 youtube video?

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PostForum: Team Fortress 2 Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:59 pm Subject: Re: Freak Fortress 2 youtube video?
I could post some FF2 videos on youtube. Might wait until I get a new PC since mine does a mediocre job of making videos.
 Topic: Friendlies

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PostForum: Freak Fortress 2 Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:09 pm Subject: Re: Friendlies
Perhaps a script to kick idles? Like they have in CoD2. Should help cut down on AFKers.

I like SHADoWNiNETR3S idea for a AFK manager.
 Topic: Blender 3D, Source Engine, And Freak Fortress

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:57 am Subject: Blender 3D, Source Engine, And Freak Fortress
Got two questions:
1) Is Blender 3D compatible with Source Engine?
Not buying Maya for a crazy amount of money.

2) Do you guys need help with Freak Fortress?
I know how to program a little. My knowledge is limited with mapping and modeling. But I might be able to pull off making some low poly melee weapons. Will have some time to beta test, nothing going on in most of my CoD Series games.
 Topic: Unreal Engine 3 or 4 Based Games

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PostForum: Other Games Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:42 am Subject: Unreal Engine 3 or 4 Based Games
Seen some interesting Youtube videos of America's Army proving Grounds (AAPG). System requirements aren't too bad and it's still UE3 I believe.

Red Orchestra 2 was a good game, but didn't run well in Windows Vista. Would likely require a solid Windows 7 PC with good specs to run well. Other people get auto kicked for latency/lagg/"speed hacks". No there is no such thing as speed hacking, it's just a weird name for lagging.  Seems pretty realistic with different ways to ADS the sights and class based system.

Unreal Tournament 4 (or Unreal Tournament 2015) runs on Unreal Engine 4. It's in beta or alpha stage.

There are plenty of single player ones; BIA series (MP shutdown), Batman Arkham Series ect.
 Topic: Windows 10 free upgrade

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PostForum: Off Topic Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:22 pm Subject: Re: Windows 10 free upgrade
I always tell people to do clean install due to program incompatibles and such. If you can upgrade to Windows 10 clean install, then do so. You can't expect different OSes to transition into Windows 10.

Haven't tried Windows 10 myself, but will likely later on.

Might be different with Macs since new OSX 10 is just a patched up version of the previous. But I'd clean install to avoid program incompatibles.
 Topic: Fortress Forever

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:17 pm Subject: Re: Fortress Forever
Seen the Fortress Forever Youtube videos. Seems cool and being free sounds good. Kinda like a Team Fortress meets Unreal Tournament 3.

Not sure why they haven't upgraded to Source Engine 2. Even if the Devs are taking the lightweight approach, the community will stray away for games with more eye candy.
 Topic: (PLEASE READ) Thoughts/Opinions of Rules

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:04 pm Subject: Re: (PLEASE READ) Thoughts/Opinions of Rules
Insulting people and swearing has always been not permitted on Big Bang servers.

Not sure why renaming is being considered as a rule, unless people are renaming at end of map like in CoD games.

Player 1 renamed to Good Game. Good Game renamed to Player 1 ect.

Capping, well if it messes up the mod should be stopped. I mean it's Freak Fortress not control point. You are in a survival like gametype in FF not a objective capping one.
 Topic: Pawn Programming Language

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PostForum: General Discussions for the Gaming Community Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:54 am Subject: Pawn Programming Language
What should someone expect from transitioning from C to Pawn?

The maker of Pawn seems to have free pdf files of the documentation, which is a good sign. However, there doesn't seem to be any available Pawn books. One is out of print,  I should look for Small programming or game books (Half Life 2 for dummies ect.)? The more perspectives the better.

I want to learn the differences from Pawn vs C before diving into a Valve game mod. I'll read those pdfs on compuphase soon.
 Topic: Cod1 & 2 Community

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PostForum: Call of Duty 1.5 Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:16 am Subject: Re: Cod1 & 2 Community
Pretty much flushing money down the toilet if you run a CoD/UO/WAW server. Odds are unless you can fill it up for the following reasons its not happening:

1) You run a elite Riles Only Clan (Creat!ve and EURO come to mind)
2) You run a multigaming Clan with 50+ active members
3) You have an epic private mod server with tons of custom code
4) You have niche market following; Zombie Server, Rifles Only, Base Assault Server, CTF
5) Your mod is AWE based and your Clan is big
6) Your Clan contributes to server costs instead of sticking you with the bill  (good luck with that), or you are rich.
7) You mod has a solid bot mod inside of it so 2 human players can play bots too.
Cool You got elite mappers in your Clan who make maps people get excited over.
9) Your a grand master programming/developer who can make his mod small but epic (see #3)

If you don't meet a few of the nine reasons, forget it. Go run a CoD4 or CoDBO or BF4 or Valve Game Server (TF2, CSS, CSGO et al)
Even running a CoD2 server is risky, unless you got a few buddies and run Extreme+ mod.

I still play those old CoD's but wouldn't rent a server for them without a few buddies lined up for a community. Still mess around with Modding and stuff, since I want to learn C/C++ without reading a dreaded 1,000 page programming book.
All CoD series Mod development is pretty much solo, unless you find someone who wants to collaborate. Too many CoD series Modders are only interested in making private mods for their servers. If someone wants to make a mod team, they are better off switch to source based games or UT3 or others.

Btw Big Bang ditched the CoD Server, I believe.

Better off just finding buddies and playing on someone else server.  As long as you don't recruit or glitch or hack on someones server you should be okay. Most messed up video game clans died out or will not bother players since player pool is very meager.
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