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Official site. Provides news, game information, screenshots, downloads, and links.

Added on: 14-Apr-2007 _HITS: 171
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Call of Duty 
 Official site. Includes trailer, wallpapers, features and fan-site links for each game.

Added on: 14-Apr-2007 _HITS: 175
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Call of Duty 4 website 
_DESCRIPTION: The official CoD4 website.

Added on: 22-Nov-2007 _HITS: 201
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Call of Duty Files 
_DESCRIPTION: collection of COD files
Added on: 13-Apr-2007 _HITS: 224
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COD 1.5 patch 
_DESCRIPTION: This is the official release of the v1.5 Call of Duty™ patch by Activision®.
Added on: 14-Apr-2007 _HITS: 214
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COD Mod Tools 
_DESCRIPTION: Get the CoDRadiant level editor
Added on: 14-Apr-2007 _HITS: 294
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_DESCRIPTION: Custom maps.
Added on: 02-Jun-2007 _HITS: 193
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Call of Duty 4 is the newest game in the Call of Duty series and it really rocks! When playing in multi-player, you have loads of extra’s, challenges, perks and weapons to unlock.

Added on: 06-Jan-2008 _HITS: 147
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_DESCRIPTION: www.filefront.com
Added on: 13-Apr-2007 _HITS: 219
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Infinity Ward 
Developer of Call of Duty. Includes company background, press releases, and links to fan sites.

Added on: 02-Jun-2007 _HITS: 137
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