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Sat May 07, 2016 9:17 pm
Game Server Admin
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Note: I am well aware a lot of these changes being controversial. I am doing this with the intent of improving the gameplay. If you dislike it, give a reason why.

Horrifying: Moved from limited to 1 to completely banned.

Reasoning: This perk's main problem comes in two halves. First off, no one likes getting their stats reducted. No one likes having their stats reducted even if they DO manage to kill the horrifying. All it takes it 1 hit, and stats reduced. Don't got boosted attack or defense? Suddenly you're weaker for a full 15 seconds. And a 5% damage pentally does a lot, as it makes what would normally take 2 shots take 3 shots, or makes melees completely and utterly worthless for the duration. Get hit 2-3 times, and you might as well kill yourself or go afk for 15 seconds for how useful you will be.

The second problem, is that it DISCOURAGES teamwork. If you get hit by a horrifying zombie, and another player kills him, you're stuck with an even bigger stat decrease. In a game where teamwork is important and encouraged by 90% of perks, why do zombies get a perk that PUNISHES survivors for helping each other out?

Stash: Banned Completely.

Reasoning: Much for the same reason as wise is banned, Stash can simply snowball super easily. Instead of getting defense anda ttack bonuses, you get attack bonuses and a overheal bonus that caps out at 400. Overheal in ZF is permament til you lose it via damage, so it might as well be bonus heath. Its biggest difference from wise is that it encourages you to NOT use teamwork, as you can only place and use the stash if no other survivors are nearby.

Stir-crazy: Banned.

Reasoning: The best counter to this perk, and only counter, is Tarred. Tarred has a much more difficult time trying to counter survivors using this perk, than survivors have trying to counter tarred users. All survivors have to do is avoid the tar piles, while tarred has to get direct hits. Combine it with a range weapon, and stir-crazy's biggest counter gets completely shut down with experience, leaving you with a constant 170% attack bonus and speed boost.

Juggernaut: Limited to 1

Reasoning: While 1 juggernaut can be countered, mutiple juggernauts is where it starts to get a bit crazy.

Roar: Limited to 1

Reasoning: It reduces defense by 50%. While stat reducing perks are rather not-fun to play against, roar at least doesn't punish you for having teammates help, and it is only a defense debuff. However, it gets stupidly overpowered if you get a huge crowd of roar users as you get bounced around with massive defense pentallies.

Alpha: Unbanned

Reasoning: While the minion summon ability can very easily lead to trolls, the other ability alpha has is simply way too important for it to be banned.

Maps being removed:
Zf_Turtle Attack(Has a chance of causing a server crash)
Zf_Lake(A really unfair and unbalanced map).

Maps being added:
Zf_Pen_15(A solid objective map)
Zf_Christmas_Nucleus(A solid objective map with a clever twist on how the objectives work).
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