Reserve Shooter and Demoshield


Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:05 am
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The reserve shooter don't have his crit when pyro launch the boss in air.

Demoshield should have the hp decreased by half

Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:37 am
Game Server Admin
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The reserve shooter does not crit upon launched targets via explosive or airblast. I agree with lowering the the shield hp (in fact offered it) but would like to go in further detail.

The shield hp will equal that to twice the max hp of the player. This counts for any hp buff including wee booties, bootleggers, while also counting for healthdebuffs including eye lander.

Any head collected will increase the max shield hp by 30 and heal for the same until a count of four heads is reached. This will not revive the shield if it has been worn down to zero.

Melee should act the same as ranged weaponry, any melee hit while the shield is up will have a 35% debuff. Which will take down the player and shield hp for the factored damage. If any melee swing is greater or equal to the player's hp, the shield will protect all damage and break regardless of the ammount of hp it has.

These changes are to be included with the razorback as well.


I am gonna bonk you!
Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:10 am
Game Server Admin
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Actually, shield HP is a fixed 1000 HP, regardless of any buffs or debuffs.

I was originally considering removing the "remove shield on any melee hit", but left it intact as a transitional thing to see if players would like the idea of having shields absorb damage, and only break if the damage is lethal (exceeds player HP).

The reason why its a fixed 1000 HP is so that it can absorb up to 5 hits of 200 damage (assuming the demo or sniper has an overheal buff that exceeds 200 HP).

Code: [ Select all ]

    if(IsValidClient(attacker) && TF2_GetClientTeam(attacker)==TFTeam:BossTeam && shield[client] && damage>0) // Absorbs damage from bosses AND minions
        if(!(damagetype & DMG_CLUB) && shieldHP[client]>0.0 && RoundToFloor(damage)<GetClientHealth(client))
            damage*=0.5;                    // 50% damage resistance
            shieldHP[client]-=damage*0.5;        // take a small portion of shield health away    
            new String:ric[PLATFORM_MAX_PATH];
            Format(ric, sizeof(ric), "weapons/fx/rics/ric%i.wav", GetRandomInt(1,5));
            EmitSoundToClient(client, ric, _, _, _, _, 0.7, _, _, position, _, false);
            EmitSoundToClient(attacker, ric, _, _, _, _, 0.7, _, _, position, _, false);
            return Plugin_Changed;
            StripShield(client, attacker, position);
            return Plugin_Stop;                    

As for the changes to the Reserve Shooter, this was actually a Valve change where now it will only minicrit the player if they were launched via blast damage. Still trying to revert this to pre-Tough Break.
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