[Semi-Official] Possible Future Hales. Share your opinion!


Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:27 pm
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(This thread is called Semi-official, because I'm the one making it, not koishi or big. I got no direct control over what gets added and what does not. However, a few things that have been added to the servers have been from me(As well as Ass Pancakes), so its not exactly 100% unoffical either...)

Heyo! The following are a bunch of hales I have made, but aren't on the server yet. They're either 100% done, or 90% with only a few remaining changes needed in order to get released, so I decided i might as well share them there, get a few of your opinions on them. If you can, alert other people to the existance of this thread, as I know there is a... honestly, kinda laughable amount of regulars on here normally.
Note, I'll consider taking suggestions on how to change or improve these hale ideas, but I can only do so much on my own. I also won't take any ideas for future most likely, as many of them require models that I lack the ability to create, honestly.

LSD's Grey Man:

In case you do not know who or what he is, he originates from the game LSD: Dream Emulator. Im assuming most people heard of the game by now, but if not, I suggest googling to find out more.

Stats(that you should know):
Solider class(Closest fit to the size of the model)
Uses a Pain Train for a melee(same logic as saxton fists/'normal' melees)

Has a Super Jump that is around the same power as normal Saxton's.
Has Weighdown, again at pretty much the same as Saxton Hale's.

Is rather slow(moves at around normal solider speed)
Heath Formula: ((900+n)*n)^1.04  (n = number of players)
Rage Damage is 4000.
Lives: 1
Rage Ability: While the ingame LSD: Greyman's ability is impossible to re-create in tf2(he stays in the center of your screen always while walking towards you, no matter where you look), I decided to instead base him on the very... well, trippy nature of the game hes based from. As such, his rage does a bunch of wacky things. First, he slows down and t-poses every one on red near him(except for heavies, who get stuck in revved mode, and snipers who get stuck in zoom in).

He also gets what is ALMOST an uber. While he is immune to airblast, he is not immune to any effects that take place after being hit, for example, marked for death, mad milk, etc. However, his screen also freaks out while under the influence.

Music Theme/s:
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: Hell Frozen Rain(Goes with his original idea in-game of causing memory loss, as well as being kickass)

LSD: Dream Emulator Ost: Long Tall Eyelash(While no piece of music is directly related to the Grey Man himself in the game, this track sounds the most action-y of all of them.)

Happy mask salesman:

Obviously, this piece of work is from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask.

Heavy Class(Engineer model though, I believe)
Fists do same damage as normal hales
Heath Formula: ((500+n)*n)^1.04
Rage Damage: 2300
Is slightly slower than Saxton in terms of speed.
Same Super jump and Weighdown as average.

On rage:
Summons a meteor to smash down into the target area. (Note: Sadly, the custom model for it is glitched, and as such only shows a rocket. However, the functionality is still there).

Boss theme/s:
Im not actually 100% sure, sorry to say. He uses a theme that is already on the server(as he was a cut boss from a while ago) and i have no idea what the name of it is. All i know is that its from the game's ost, so i suggest looking there.

Ill be adding more as I get more to show here. Again, feel free to give feedback and ideas on how to fix them. I won't ban you or anything, even if the response is purely negative. However, at least try to give a reason as why you dislike the idea, and if you got a better one.
Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:54 pm
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Nice pics Surprised, im gonna play as them if they get in the server :p
Hm...i know koishi told me he would add it, im suggesting hentai woody lul.
Other bosses i know are Ben drowned, Sewer medic, james bond, claude from gta 3, Sny, John Cena, Cakehole Piss, staregineer, Sexually challenged Spy, Sanic, Scp-173, and...idk

So true...or well not the only reason :v
Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:11 pm
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In my opinion for future bosses, I would say what I want to see in the future freak fortress 2 would be Ash Ketchum [Scout Class {Weapon: Bat} Rage: Scares nearby enemies] (even though a Pokémon Trainer boss exists on Disc-FF's FF2 servers), Pikachu [Engineer Class {Weapons: Short Circuit and Wrench} Rage: Chain Lightning], Blossom [Scout Class {Weapon: Fists} Rage: Gets a Righteous Bison which does half a damage depending on what class the enemy is], Bubbles [Medic Class {Weapon: Fists} Rage: Scares everyone that is near her], and Buttercup [Soldier Class {Weapon: Fists} Rage: Gets angry and intimidates everyone that is nearby], and that is my own opinion of what bosses I would like to see in the future. Also the boss i want to see in the future too is Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [Heavy Class {Weapons: Fists} Rage: Becomes invincible for a short period of time] reason why, because "NANOMACHINES, Son!"
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